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CO Wind & Solar Renewable Energy Goals: Then and Now

In 2018, Colorado Governor Gary Polis set his sights on Colorado becoming the first state to run 100% on renewable energy. The goal? 2040. That’s five years earlier than both California and Hawaii...

Farm Bill

State Hemp Growing Regulations from the 2018 Farm Bill: Where Are They Now?

The 2018 Farm Bill finally removed the hemp plant from the list of Schedule I Controlled Substances and redefined it as an agricultural commodity. Essentially, this made it legal...

Farm and Ranch Succession Planning

A lot of blood, sweat, and tears go into a farming and ranching operation. For most farming families, it’s your life’s work; sometimes even for generations. So, when it comes to succession planning, we know how important it is to ensure that your wishes and goals are understood...

Working from Home

COVID-19 and Working From Home

Across the country, COVID-19 quarantine orders have forced employees and business owners alike to make drastic adjustments to the way they work, specifically the ‘new normal’ of working from home. Small business owners, in particular...

Estate Planning

COVID-19 and Estate Planning Basics

Due to the coronavrus pandemic, we are getting a lot of client calls about estate planning. What is it? Do I need it? If I already have an estate plan, do I need to change it now?

A Practical Path Forward for Businesses Dealing with COVID-19

A Practical Path Forward for Businesses Dealing with COVID-19

The simple fact is we are living through a pandemic - and it’s going to be with us for a while. That’s our new reality. But life must go on, and needs must still be met...

Farm & Ranch Succession Plan

When it comes to farm and ranch succession planning, we really take the time to listen to what your goals are, what your issues are and to understand your operation so that we can hep come up with the best plan for passing down the farm and ranch business to the next generation.

Myths of Estate Planning

Estate planning can be a very hard process. Although it’s not rocket science, making the decision to move forward requires us to face the fact that we will not live forever.

Featured on Fence Post - 2018 Farm Bill - Part 1

The new 2018 farm bill is officially here and with it comes some significant changes that will have a major impact on farmers and ranchers as well as our agricultural.

2019 Clio Cloud Conference Interview

Crystal McDonough had the pleasure of being invited to the 2019 Clio Cloud Conference and present how she created both her dream life and her dream law firm while traveling across the country with her family in an RV.

The 2020 new Privacy Law

Data privacy laws call for businesses to take steps to safeguard customers’ and employees’ personal information and to notify them if a breach occurs have been on the books for years. Recently, however, a new California privacy law—the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

8 Steps to a New Business

Starting a new business is an exciting endeavor but can quickly become overwhelming – especially if you’re doing it alone. Creating a well-defined business plan allows you to refine incomplete ideas, address matters you might not have considered, construct a roadmap so you know what to

Oil & Gas Q&A

The oil and gas attorneys at McDonough Law receive a lot of questions from landowners about oil and gas rights. If you own land in Colorado or Wyoming, there is a good chance that you are sitting on oil or natural gas.

Business Protection in a Recession

The recession topic is garnering so much public attention on the news and in social media, it could become a self-fulfilling prophecy—particularly if enough people believe it’s going to happen and then pull their investments out or slow their spending.

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