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McDonough Law LLC Consultation Agreement

Thank you for contacting McDonough Law LLC regarding your legal issue. We are looking forward to meeting you or speaking with you in greater depth. This Initial Consultation Agreement (the “Agreement”) is made between you and McDonough Law LLC and becomes effective once it is acknowledged and payment for $300 is made.

Please indicate all parties involved in your legal issue. If McDonough Law LLC is conflicted from representing you on this matter, you will be notified, and your consultation fee will be promptly refunded.

Unless otherwise agreed to, audio or video recording of the consultation is prohibited.

Included in the consultation fee is one-hour of attorney time, either via telephone, virtual or in person.

If you need to cancel the consultation, you will be entitled to a refund if you notify McDonough Law LLC at least 24-hours prior to your scheduled consultation. Otherwise your fee is considered earned by the firm and you not receive a refund if you cancel within 24 hours of your scheduled consultation due to time, expense, preparation by firm for your consultation.  You will not receive a bill. You will receive a receipt for your records. 

Although the discussions during the initial consultation will be confidential, McDonough Law LLC is not agreeing to represent you as your lawyer concerning this legal issue. Absent any further mutually signed Retainer Agreement between us, our professional relationship will end at the close of the initial consultation.

By acknowledging below, you are accepting that every legal issue is unique to individual facts and circumstances and McDonough Law LLC cannot guarantee results for you. During the initial consultation, we will use our best efforts to respond to your questions involving your legal issue; however, you acknowledge that I may not know the specific answers to your questions without doing further research. Additionally, I may provide you pamphlets, fact sheets, flow charts, or other general information for you to take with you after the initial consultation. You understand that the law changes and you should not depend on the information in these educational reference materials without seeking counsel. If you wish for us to review any reasonable number of documents or court pleadings before our consultation, please email those to

During the consultation, I may offer referrals for certain services. Unless otherwise disclosed, McDonough Law LLC does not receive any referral fees and does not certify the results of the referred services. During the initial consultation, you agree to be truthful and cooperative. You also agree to provide me with your current contact information and make the required payment. McDonough Law LLC accepts electronic payment for the initial consultation. You represent that you are authorized to make the payment.

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