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Featured on Forbes: Online Meeting Hygiene to Keep Remote Teams Healthy

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, how we work has forever changed. As a result, more and more businesses are switching to remote working, or, Work From Home (WFH) policies to limit its spread.

While WFH may already be the reality for some, the switch to remote working, video conferencing, and digital-only connection is new to many.

Setting good hygiene around remote working is imperative when you’re transitioning into a new routine. It helps us keep our meetings, cultures, and organizations healthy and thriving. While we find this to be especially important now, these are good habits to keep in mind when we come back to the office as well.

In an effort co-lead by one of our Strategy Directors, Matt Sim, our team at Sub Rosa has generated few ideas to get you and your teams started on remote work best practices.

Pre-Meeting Hygiene

Video conferencing is more intentional than in-person meetings; so it’s critical to be clear on your meeting objectives prior to dialing in. Below are the three most common meeting objectives you should define and communicate to your team as early as the invite.


These are meetings where team members will need to come prepared for constructive discussion to reach a consensus or decision. They tend to be more focused on completing work and getting things done, rather than socializing. In these meetings, members need to focus on efficient communication and coming to a decision.

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